Fundraising Solution
For Social Impact


Build Movements & Engage Communities

We work with nonprofits & businesses to create authentic fundraising experiences.
Our creative campaigns are designed to inspire communities and supporters to take
actions and be part of the solution.

Interactive Videos . Virtual Reality . Live Streams


Modular Platform

Enabling the management of different types of campaigns and fundraising activities. Fully automated CRM capabilities with insightful dashboard, access to comprehensive reports for predictive forecasts as well as full integration with websites and social media channels.

Contests & Raffles

Launch enter to win contests, manage prizes & unique lifetime experiences

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Enable passionate contributors to raise funds from friends and family

Virtual Events

Issue, sell, validate and fully manage digital tickets for all types of events

Auctions & Products

Manage bidding cycle, orders & logistics in a full marketplace setup

Social Innovation

Harnessing the powers of technology to bridge the gaps currently hindering the effectiveness of social initiatives


Track the flow of funds from donors to recipients which results in rebuilding trust, transparency & accountability

Artificial Intelligence

Identify motivational drivers and incentives to create tailored rewards


Integrating with banking and financial institutions to facilitate the collection, transfer & disbursement of funds


Rewarding Fundraising Experiences

Win-win concepts unlock different modes that drive mass adoption and deliver successful campaigns, with a complete customizable gamification module to retain, motivate and recognize top contributors & create social dynamics.

Learn how your organization can maximize on social initiatives

Payments Made Easy

  • Integrated Payments

    Supporting various payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, email transfer and others

  • Optimized Collection & Disbursement

    Seamless transfer of funds across GenWin global network

  • Advanced Fund Management

    Control flow of funds across initiatives and campaigns


GenWin App

Discover local charities, Win amazing contests, Bid on exclusive items,
Buy ethically sourced products & Attend unforgettable events

Designed For The Digital Natives

Incorporating the latest techniques to engage younger generations

  • Single Hub for Positive Impact

    Live feeds, Experiential Events, Contests, Auctions, Sweepstakes & Ethically-Sourced Products

  • Consumer Centric

    Interactive videos, Virtual Reality and Gamified Experiences

  • One-Click In-App Payment

    Support Apple-Pay, Google-Pay, link Bank Account, Debit & Credit Cards


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

Definitely Yes! All charities are challenged with different community needs and policy changes while juggling to raise awareness as well as funds. We work close with each and every charity to automate processes and eliminate the burden of managing multiple platforms so they can only focus on scaling and expanding operation.
All of the platform functionalities can be integrated with your existing website and you have full control over your members, users, data, collected funds and much more.
There is NO need to replace any of your existing software. We understand that most of charities and NGO have been using a lot of different software to manage different components in their day to day operation. We are very flexible to integrate and even customize some of our modules to make it a seamless transition.
We love all charities big & small, There is No Commitment or Upfront Fees/Investment! We understand that charities and non for profits have very limited resources and we want to help in raising more funds and reducing the cost of payments.
Definitely Yes, we would love to feature your profile and promote your campaigns on the GenWin App. Our objective is to provide new channels to raise awareness for local charities and engage new audience.

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