for humanity.


We Create Solutions,
With Tech At Heart.

What is technology good for if not to better serve humanity? We utilize latest innovations in blockchain, artificial intelligence and fintech technology. We believe in technology that automates, supports and simplifies.

Powered by Web3 tech stack


Built On Micro-Services Architecture

Sounds fancy? All it really means is, that we can scale our monetization and fan engagement solution from an influencer up to professional sports teams. So no, we don’t care how big or small you are. And yes, we’d love to help you!

Artificial Intelligence

Build a smarter creator-to-fan network utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence to identify personas, behaviours, motivational drivers and incentives to tailor rewards for the target audience.


Our reliable and secure digital wallet is fully integrated with banking and financial institutions across multiple countries to facilitate the collection and disbursement of funds making it easy to accept all types of fiat and crypto payments.


Genwin is built on the Ethereum & Solana networks to leverage smart contracts, digital currencies and tokenization of monetary and non-monetary transactions. Resulting in rebuilding trust, transparency and accountability.

Independent does not mean alone. Lets create together!

Great, you made it to the bottom. It is the perfect spot to launch your rocket from. The sky is the limit, but only if you want it to be. Our team is ready, let us make this happen.